Cannabis Cures Cancer…?

Since I have started researching the uses of Cannabis for medical purposes I have found several stories such as this one.  They are often individuals that have tried everything the medical route has of offer, time and time again.  They end up trying CannabStanis reluctantly at the urging of family and friends.   How many of you have not seen, heard of or read such an story of success and victory over the disease that has taken and challenged so many?

This story is particularly interesting as it comes at a point in life where most people would be giving up and giving in. Now I am not, again not, telling you to flip off your oncologist and go it alone.  However it is amazing how this plant that has been outlawed for so long, can actually do so much.

Read Stan’s story and see if it does not move you. The article is found on and is written by Paul Fassa.    Elderly Man with Terminal Cancer Walks out of Hospice…  If you have a minute watch their video.

Cannbais Oil Cures Lung and Brain Cancer