Dabber’s Delighter… The Yocan Magneto Review

From the moment I opened the box of my new Yocan Magneto, a sense of joy came over me.  The product is beautifully packaged, and I knew to expect quality from my experience with my Yocan Evolve Plus.  I removed the Yocan Magneto from the sleek box and pulled apart the magnetic cap and atomizer with great ease.  This is a nice improvement over their last model.  I then used the dab tool (another wonderful new feature) to extract the wax from it’s container and placed it easily into the atomizer tube.  The magnetic cap slipped right back on and I was ready for takeoff. This whole process took me about 30 seconds to execute.  With the Evolve Plus, this takes much longer.

Thanks to the Magneto’s new dab tool, I no longer have to mess around with toothpicks when extracting wax from the container; one less thing to carry and another sticky mess to avoid.  All of the wax pulled with the dab tool is inserted directly into the device.  Thus, the Yocan Magneto is completely efficient.  I give a lot of credit to Yocan to solving the only frustrating parts of the user experience with such a device. These improvements make the Yocan Magneto the first dab pen that I consider to be totally portable.

The Magneto’s vaporizing experience was unparalleled with any other device I have used thus far.  The Magneto provides monstrous pulls right from the start.  I am impressed by how many hits I get off of a very moderate amount of wax.  From one moderate dip into the wax with the dab tool, I get about 10 very large hits, then a few smaller ones.  This is plenty enough to share with a friend or two.

The considerable power of Magneto device is derived from it’s ceramic coil.  The wax is melted on the first layer and slides right to the second layer for atomization.  The whole process takes seconds and leaves almost no mess.  I have been enjoying my Magneto for about two weeks now, I have used it a dozen times or more.  There is almost no residue on the ceramic coil or the atomizer.  There is no sticky mess to contend with, this is a phenomenal improvement from any vape pen I have ever used. Again, this improvement vastly improves the portability of this device.

I have noticed that the battery life of the Magneto is longer than the Evolve Plus.  The Magneto seems to hold its charge through five or six sessions.  Generally, two dab tools full constitutes a session for us.

The Magneto, like its predecessor, has a handy screw of bottom with a nice little compartment to store some wax.  The interior of this compartment is equipped with a non stick layer so getting the wax out is a breeze.  They even thought of lining the ceiling of the compartment which is a nice touch; let no wax be lost!

In summation, it seems as if the designers, of the Yocan Magneto, were determined to provide a cleaner and more efficient process for portable dabbing.  From the handy dab tool with its clean efficient use and distribution of wax to the two layered ceramic coil and its powerful vape production, the Magneto is about the perfect experience for a dab on the run or at home.  I can happily recommend this affordable device to anyone who enjoys a good dab.  A little dab will do ya, but two will go right through ya!!  Happy vaping my friends.

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