E-Cigarettes — Are They Right For You?

e-cigHow long have you been smoking cigarettes?  For many it has been since they were teens.  For others it may be an occasional thing they do when they are out drinking with friends. However, for most smokers the thought of going a few hours with their nicotine fix puts them in a fowl mood.

Over the last decade or so the rights of a smoker to enjoy a cigarette have been limited as the rights of the non-smoker to breath clean air have risen.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe this is the right way for things to go, however it does put the smoker in a little bit of a pickle.  Business, campuses, and neighborhoods seem to be all but smoke free.

Then came the e-cigarettes being touted as a safe alternative to tobacco.  The e-cigarette bypasses the cancer causing chemicals and just gets you the nicotine fix everyone is after.   Now, there is plenty of research and controversy over the reality of if this is a safe way to smoke… however that is a topic for another post.

E-cigarettes are much more socially acceptable than their smelly counter part the cigarette.  The pens, as they are called come in all sorts of designs from disposables to detailed refillable units.  They come in every color and in many different sizes and designs.   The nicotine ‘Juice’ as it is called comes in more flavors then you can imagine.

A study done by the University of California found that in 2012 there were 288 brands of e-cigarettes and in 2014 that number had risen to 466.  The number of users has risen correspondingly with the availability of equipment and juice.

Just look around your friends and ask how many people smoke cigarettes any more and how many are smoking e-cigarettes.  Try this little trick. Ask a group of friends how many have a lighter on them and then when a lighter is hard to find, ask how many have e-cigarette.  You might be surprised.

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Check out this article from www.nature.com for more info on e-cigarettes.