Super Dad Uses Medical Marijuana CBD to Save Child w/ Epilepsy

A father takes the steps and has the strength to try anything to save his child. This father gets our deepest respect as he jumped into the unknown to save his child and made amazing progress because of Medical Marijuana. Take a few minutes to watch this video and you will be amazed by the challenges faced and the progress.  More and more Medical Marijuana CBD has been proven to make the difference for children with Epilepsy.

Research in this field will make a difference, and access to the medication will save lives. More and more studies are showing the effectiveness of CBD’s for epilepsy treatment.  Check out this link to a gov’t study that showed the positive results including 84% of participants have a reduction in seizures with 11% showing a complete seizure freedom.



Here is a second video that actually pre-dates the one above.  It goes over the process he went through to decided to try CBD’s.  It covers his first days of CBD.  This is an inspiring journey.  Respect to Super Dad.

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