The Marijuana Scene is Going Legit, Right Before Our Eyes

Medical MarijuanaThings are heating up, with the marijuana scene almost vibrating in Canada.  Between speculation as to what the new government will do and people going rouge and opening unlicensed dispensary the powers of supply and demand are strongly at work.

The real question is how will this all shape up.  I can tell you it is changing and changing for the good.

Here is an example of how much the lens has changed focus.  On January 4th, 2015 there was a break in at a licensed medical marijuana production facility.   The Police responding to the call and with apprehended the assailants. There were arrested and break and enter as if they had tried to rob a shoe store or a restaurant after hours.

Read the article here.

Just think years back before the wave of change started.  This situation would have been a crime not reported and might have ended up with a much worse violent outcome.   A facility of this nature would not have been run in the open, but in the dark, outside the law.  It would not have had the right to do business.  It would have been at the mercy of the elements.  Now it has security and freedom to operate within the existing medical model with the support of the legal and judicial systems.

Change is coming my friends.  We are lucky enough to be the ones to see it happen.


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