3 Holiday Gift Ideas You Can Not Afford to Miss

We have some wonderful things available for your smoking connoisseur this holiday season.  Check out our new store at 308 Wilson Ave in Toronto.  We have a huge range of merchandise, come and do some one-stop shopping for all your hemp loving friends.  These three items can be enjoyed by all and will not break your bank account.

1) The Hemp Ice Cube TrayHemp Ice Cube TraySomething to grace any party with your hemp friendly folks.  No reason not to chill out with enjoy this one.  The price is right and this unique item will go fast.  It can also be used to make novelty chocolates and candies.


2) Happy Face Clipper Lighters

Happy Lighters

Emotional Lighters are a great way to blow off some steam and get a few laughs. No one can steal your lighter if it is so unique. Great for the individual that wants to show their emotions from the inside out.

Clipper lighters are refillable for a real sustainable option and have a built-in poking stick. Best of all, these lighters work just as well upside down with a flame that stays high & strong over a bowl!

3) Cleaning Liquids

Cleaning liquids

Everyone loves to have a clean item to enjoy.  For those friends that neglect that task get them the stuff that really makes a difference.   We have a wide selection of options and they are all gentle on the equipment while being incredibly and effective.

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