Treating Multiple Sclerosis with Marijuana

The use of Micro-dosing with Marijuana to treat Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

Aly is in her early 40’s and is the single mother of three children.  Aly was diagnosed with MS in March of 2016.  Aly’s Journey to managing her MS with Marijuana began in earnest after she realized that Micro-dosing with pot could make such a huge difference in her quality of life. If you have not read the first part of this blog please check it out at

Aly had known that getting stoned helped her with her pain and other issues in her life but there had always been that conflict with social norms and the ideals of a responsible person, parent and employee.  She had seen getting high as a reward for after work or after the kids went to bed. Smoking, albeit micro-dosing, in the morning before she got the kids ready for school, over lunch, or part way through the work day, was just not conducive of long term success in society’s eyes.

After Aly wmcdc7_multiple_sclerosis_myelin_damage_nervous_system-8colas diagnosed with MS she had to look at Marijuana differently. Marijuana was now medicine, and as necessary as if a doctor had sent the script over to the local pharmacy.  She would not question the prescription if it said take 4 times a day as needed.  Now her body was telling her that she to be micro-dosing with Marijuana throughout the day in order to function.  Yet this was a hard line to cross, as an employee, as a mother, and as a member of society.

She started researching ‘Pot and MS’, and realized that she was not alone in the feeling of help that it provided.  She researched the best strains to smoke to treat her exact symptoms.  She read about sativa vs indica and thought about her symptoms and her daily routines.  She had to work, get the kids ready for school, be there for them in the evenings for homework, take them from commitment to commitment and continue her life.

Aly did not live in a place that allowed for medical marijuana.  She could not seek out professional help in designing the right dosing and strains.  She could not find a consistent supply of what she exactly needed.  It was always a hit and miss game based on harvest and mysterious channels.  She had to deal with the limited fluctuating supply that came from wide spread prohibition of Marijuana.

Aly decided to try some sativa blends and even tried some concentrates.  She was looking for an up-lifting high that would allow her to do all the daily activities she must and still get relief from pain and suffering of MS.   She found better results with several strains, but again had to settle for what was available from time to time.  She also tried some Indica strains for evening use.  She wanted to make sure she could settle her muscle spasms and get a good night sleep so she could function the next day.

Aly began micro-dosing with a consistent small dose of marijuana allowed her to function as best she could.  She would not smoke a lot, but she would smoke often. This micro-dosing was a way of slowly maintaining a small level of concentration in her body. The first smoke of the day usually started at about 7:30 am before she would get the kids ready for the bus.  She would smoke again at 2:00 pm part way through the afternoon, this was actually the longest stretch she would go.  However, on bad, or MS’y days a mid-morning dose was often needed.

She would smoke at 5:00 pm after work, at 7:00 after dinner and again at 9:00 pm until she went to sleep.  She does admit that she smokes as both a pot-head and as a patient.  She enjoys pot so cannot necessarily discern when the evening micro-dosing becomes a good old smoke session.

Aly made other changes in her routine to help manage her MS.  Aly always believed that exercise was key in managing her body.   At times she was a runner, a biker, and even got into some of those hard core workout DVD’s.  She was always a very active individual.  With the diagnosis of MS her obsession with exercise became even more important.  Yet, her body was beaten down after a year of suffering, testing and pain.

With the help of Marijuana she has been able to get back to working out.  She has gone back to yoga, running, works-out at the gym, and walking on a regular basis.  Sometimes she has had to stop and take a few tokes to keep herself from having dizzy spells and weakness of muscles.  She knows that without the Micro-dosing she would not be functioning as well as she has been.  She knows that with MS, muscle strength and flexibility is key to long term health.  With the help of Marijuana she has been able to work out and try to retain and even regain some of her muscle strength.

The last change she has made to help manage her MS has been going off Gluten.   Aly has found that being off Gluten has helped in clearing her head and giving her energy.  She feels it has reduced inflammation in her joints and other areas of her body.   While there is much research out there on the connections between gluten and inflammation, Aly says she has felt the difference that this change in diet has bought about.

For Aly, micro-dosing has allowed her to function well even though she suffers from MS.  Marijuana has facilitated her return to regular exercise and her efforts to change her diet.  It has helped her to be more active in her children’s lives.   Aly knows that the battle with MS is long and hard.  She also knows that with the help of Marijuana she can live with it day by day.

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