Will Victoria’s Dispensaries Go Rogue?

Victoria mapThis is an interesting time for the Marijuana industry in Canada.  Everyone knows this is on the table for discussing and that the landscape could change drastically in favor of those wanting access.  However how that unfolds may be more in the hands of the market then the hands of the government.  While true change will require Government approval and action, the movement marches ahead step by step, and day by day.

On Vancouver Island this issue has come to our attention.  Mayor Help from Victoria is working inside the system to try to come up with some guidance “It’s purgatory, and that’s why we have to use whatever tools we have, in this case a zoning bylaw, even in the midst of grey to try to draw some solid lines,”.  Mayor Helps initiative also would set guidelines how where stores could be in relations to schools and other hemp culture shops.  It would also reduce the fees involved in attaining licencing.

What will happen during this time when it is not legal but the winds of time are blowing towards legalization may well set the stage or set the precedence of what will follow.  Should shops be pushing the boundaries and setting up now?  Will the shops with the head start be the winners in the long run?

For more info Check out the full article here.http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/british-columbia/vancouver-island-mayors-seek-guidance-from-ottawa-on-pot-shops/article27315176/

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