XMax Vital Portable Herb Vaporizer Review

xmax vitalXMAX Vital

The XMax Vital is a high quality portable vaporizer device.  It is designed to vaporize herb.  This device is light, easy to carry, and holds a charge very well.  The XMax Vital warms up really quickly to vaping temperatures in about 15 seconds.  The quality of the vape hit is quite impressive.  If you have tried other handheld devices you will be impressed with the XMax Vital.

Vaping can be easier on your body and has less smell.  I have found that it is quite easy to use even if my lungs are tired.  The XMax Vital packs a great punch.  It is a great choice if you are feeling a bit under the weather but still crave a little attitude adjustment to get you through the day.

The XMax Vital comes with a plastic top but you can get an add on of a glass mouth piece.  I would suggest this as it is always nicer to smoke with glass than plastic.   The accessories that do come with it it are great.  The XMax Vital comes with a micro USB charger and some effective cleaning tools.

Time setting

I will offer one warning, check the settings for the amount of time until shutoff.  The XMax Vital’s default setting for shutoff is five minutes. This was a little too quick for me, however the setting can be easily changed to ten minutes which is more than enough time to enjoy the vaped goodness without having to rush the session.

The display clearly communicates when it is time for liftoff and provides a count down until the system shuts down.  This avoids overheating as this little fella gets quite warm to provide a smooth and clean pull.  After just a couple of minutes you can reload and liftoff again.

Travel Friendly

A low price point coupled with portability makes this device a great addition to any smoker’s collection.   I enjoy loading it with one good bowl full and heading out for a bike ride or a hike.  I can easily enjoy a great session on the run without having to carry anything other than the loaded device.  This is often a well deserved treat for getting to the half way point on a long ride on the trail.  The device fits easily into my small bike bag and is a quite efficient way to enhance enjoyment of the great outdoors.

Cheers and happy toking!

Check out this video review of the XMax Vital. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wANi3yEsVtY

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